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Latest update on #COVID-19 and traveling to Ethiopia

The following amendments have been made to the State of Emergency regulations in response to the current situation of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

1. For all deaths at home or in health facilities, funeral and burial arrangements to be held by family at their preferred burial ground; once sample collection is completed there will be no requirement to wait for results but precautions in preparation of the body will be the same for all deaths. Funeral will still be held by not more than 50 people.

2. All travellers arriving at Bole International airport who can bring certificate of negative PCR SAR-CoV test done up to 72 hours before arrival to Ethiopia, will be required mandatory 14 day self quarantine at home after giving sample upon arrival.

3. All travelers with NO certificate of negative PCR SAR-CoV test results as well as returnees will be quarantined for 7 days in the designated sites, tested, and then self-isolate for additional 7 days at home.

4. Individuals suspected for COVID-19 or who tested positive with mild or no symptoms will be asked to self isolate at home if they have the resources, the support, are willing and fulfill the criteria. Individuals who do not meet self-isolation criteria will be isolated in non-clinical facilities.

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