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General Information about Visa Service

❖ Applicants please be advised that all visa service requests should be submitted to the Embassy only through post office!!

  • The Ethiopian Embassy in Stockholm issues: - Diplomatic, Service, Business, Tourist & Transit visas. Based on the applicants' request, the Embassy issues either Single or Multiple entry.

  • Holder of Diplomatic or Service passport or United Nation LP should submit a Note Verbal from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassy's or International Organization, so that the applicant will have visa for gratis.

  • Business visa can be issued for: - investment activities, employment in any business activity, for humanitarian service without remuneration, for participation in symposia/ exhibition/ workshops, for study and research, for mass media activities.

  • For Business visa, a guarantee letter from the Institution/Organization/Enterprise or a formal letter of invitation or recommendation from Ethiopia is needed.

  • Transit visa shall be issued to a foreigner who is travelling to another country across Ethiopia.

  • Tourist visa is given up to 90 days. A 6-month tourist visa is given only for Ethiopian origins.

  • Any visa application for more than 90 days, the applicant need to contact the Embassy before paying the visa fee.

  • Visa fee is the same for all persons (Adults and children).

  • It is important to note that you have made the necessary payment for the service in advance through Bank.

  • Do not send cash with the application by post. We don't accept cheques, visa card or any other type of card.

  • Send your payment receipt together with the application. If you pay for some other person (s), write the full name of the person (s) on the receipt to whom the payment is made.

  • Any amount of money paid to the Embassy account is not refundable regardless of the outcome of the application.

  • Applicants must enclose a pre-paid and self-addressed envelope. The Embassy do not accept any payment for postage. Hence, applicants don't need to pay for postage and must send an envelope.

Specific Information on how to apply for VISA Visa Application from Sweden

Requirements from the applicant:

  1. Passport copy and one duly filled visa application form. Please click this link

  2. One recent passport size photo (not computer printout or scanned)

  3. Original valid passport (at least for 6 months)

  4. Payment receipt

  5. Prepaid and self-addressed envelope.

• Please make sure that the application form is fully completed. Incomplete visa application form will not be processed and failure to do so may delay your visa or lead to rejection.


For other type of visa price:

Bank Account

  • Bank Giro no. 521-8235 write message instead of OCR No. OR SEB Bank IBAN No. SE575000 0000 0527 7110 6248, Bic-Code ESSESESS

  • Attach your payment receipt. If you pay for some other person, write the full name of the person on the receipt to whom the payment is made.

  • Those who come to the Embassy in person can pay only in cash.

  • Only Swedish kroner is acceptable.

  • Do not send cash by post. We don't accept cheques, visa or any credit card and other currencies.

  • Notes: - Most fees are for processing. Hence, any amount of money paid to The Embassy account is not refundable regardless of the outcome of the application, including extra payments.

Postage and postage fee

  • The Embassy do not accept any payment for postage fee. Therefore, applicants must send (enclose) a pre-paid and a self-addressed envelope.

  • Therefore, applicant from outside Sweden must enclose a self-addressed envelope (write the full postal address of the receiver on the envelop) together with 12 International coupons for the weight up to 100 grams or 14 International coupons for the weight up to 250 grams to enable us to send back to you through a registered mail.

Visa Application from Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway

Time Taken

If the application is complete, • The visa is issued on the same day that the Posta received. It might take up to 10-15 days. It may be longer during Summer

Where to Apply

Postal Address

Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

P.O Box 101 48

SE 100 55 Stockholm

Visiting Address

Birger Jarlsgatan 39 111 45 Stockholm, Sweden

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